Geko Royalty

Bulletin retains a royalty, profit share interest and joint venture interest in the Geko gold project

Bulletin’s royalty entitlement is:

  • 10% of the first 25,000 oz Au produced;
  • 4% of the next 60,039 oz Au produced; and
  • 2% of all production over and above 85,039 oz Au

The above royalty is reduced by a capped amount of $3.25M at a rate of 3.33% per ounce. Bulletin also retains a 30% profit share after an initial $9 million threshold has been achieved by the mine and a 30% joint venture on the remainder of the mining tenement at Geko.

Habrok acquired the Geko Gold project from Coolgardie Minerals Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (Administrators Appointed) in February 2020 with mining recommencing in late March 2020.


Bulletin Resources Projects


The Lake Rebecca Gold Project

Bulletin’s Lake Rebecca Project is 150km east of Kalgoorlie and immediately along strike of a >1 million ounce gold deposit. 


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