Upcoming Projects

Mt Jewel

Mt Jewel is 60km2 in area and lies 60km north of Kalgoorlie in an area highly prospective for nickel sulphide mineralisation. The 138kt Ni Black Swan Nickel deposit lies 25km south along strike and the abandoned Scotia and Carr Boyd nickel mines lie in adjacent belts to the west and east respectively. Massive to semi-massive nickel sulphide mineralisation, associated with the footwall contact of channelized portions of the lower ultramafic unit has been identified at several localities within the 12km strike length of prospective Mount Jewel stratigraphy.

Mt Jewel is also prospective for gold and is 9km north along strike from the 182koz Au Tregurtha gold mine. A past focus on nickel has seen minimal gold exploration with only wide spaced soil sampling programs covering a small portion of the tenement.

The tenement is progressing though DMIRS application process.

Powder Sill

The 34km2 Powder Sill Gold project is located 30km northwest of Kalgoorlie and 15km from Evolution Resources’ Mungari Mill. Tenement application E16/534 overlies the Powder Sill Complex, an intrusive unit which hosts La Mancha’s 1.8Moz gold White Foil Mine and 139koz gold Cutters Ridge deposit to the south. Historical surface sampling has highlighted several anomalous gold areas that require further exploration with deeper drill testing. Exploration works are planned to commence upon grant of tenement.

Mt Farmer

Bulletin’s Mt Farmer project comprises two tenements (in application). The tenements are 10km along strike of the Dalgaranga Gold Mine and are prospective for gold. The northern tenement is also prospective for Tantalum. The tenements are located on the Dalgaranga Greenstone belt and host co-incident magnetic and gravity anomaly highs that are comparable to the setting of the Dalgaranga deposit and these areas will be the focus of initial exploration works upon grant.



The Warburton Project targets a sediment hosted or sediment-exhalative copper horizon in the West Musgrave Province. The tenement is located approximately 100km west of OZ Minerals’ Nebo-Babel copper and nickel project.

The 258km2 tenement application area includes a large number of shallow artisanal workings and known anomalous copper sites. Five main styles of copper mineralisation have been recognised (WMC report 1970):

1. Chalcocite and subordinate malachite, atacamite, chrysocalla, azurite and covellite present in hematitic veins which occupy cross fractures in basalt and sedimentary rock.

2. Various copper minerals occur as disseminations in the matrix or as cross‐cutting veinlets in conglomerate beds within basalt.

3. Chalcocite and bornite are present in amygdales in some basalt flows.

4. Quartzite beds containing sparsely disseminated chalcopyrite and chalcocite.

5. One shale horizon in the Milesia Formation is weakly cupriferous.

Sedimentary copper outcrop from Warburton


Bulletin’s Ravensthorpe project overlies the Annabelle volcanic sequence and pegmatites which also host the Mt Cattlin Lithium mine and processing plant, 12km to the east. The 57km2 tenement hosts several pegmatite outcrops with lepidolite and spodumene.

The area is also prospective for gold and base metals with several gold prospects associated with thrust faulting located along strike to the east. Thrust faults extend into the tenement application area.